"The Minneapolis Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is in the process of reviewing the incident involving a KSTP cameraman Chad Nelson last Saturday evening. We instructed all of our officers before this, and any demonstration, to not take individual actions unless they are warranted for personal safety. From my preliminary review of the video regarding Mr. Nelson, the officer’s interference does not appear to be necessary. If that is the case, I am a very disappointed."

- Minneapolis Police Chief Timothy Dolan

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Ben Franklin’s Ghost Teaches You Photographer’s Rights

It’s easier than ever to capture images of public goings-on with all our fancy camera gadgets. If you find yourself in the middle of some contentious event—particularly when the police are involved—you should know your rights. And who better to tell you than the singing cartoon ghost of Benjamin Franklin?

The American Civil Liberties Union teamed up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to bring you this animation about photographing in public. Clearly targeting those of the Occupy Wall Street ilk, the video might just be the most entertaining explanation of your camera rights out there. 

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Good stuff.

"Why, in my day I had to draw charcoal pictures of crimes, and borrow Tom Jefferson’s polygraph to make copies!” - Ben Franklin

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"Ride hard. Don't be a dick."

Video, Stupor Bowl XIV, 2011.

Looks like a bit less snow this year.

Video: When Journalists Get Evicted Along With Their Subjects | NYT Media Decoder

Some interesting comments on the media “blackout” during the eviction of Occupy Wall Street this week. 2:33. Hat tip to Meagan.

(I wonder, though, whether it was Stelter or Carr who was like, “I know! Let’s wear scaaaarves.”)